The Law Office of Laura Shelkey Yeo provides practical client counseling to government contractors and subcontractors from various industries regarding a wide range of government contract legal issues. Having worked at both “big law” firms and an in-house legal department, I have an appreciation for the efficiency, innovation, and value a smaller, flexible practice can offer clients.

This value proposition allows companies to obtain legal support from a seasoned professional in situations when it may be prohibitively expensive to use a traditional, large firm.  Clients include medium and large-sized entities involved with government contracts that have an in-house legal department but need extra support due to bandwidth issues or a need for a government contracts SME.  I have also served in an external general counsel role for smaller companies without internal legal advisors.  With my flexible practice, I also field quick-hitters and smaller engagements that are often not feasible for a larger firm to handle.  I also support other attorneys and law firms.